Video Premiere 2017 – Ep 04


Available a new episode about our next creation.
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To share the night with our New Creation that will premiere in August 2nd at Teatro Alfa, São Paulo, we will have Bach, from 1996, with music by Marco Antonio Guimarães (composed over the work of J. S. Bach).
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Video Premiere 2017 – Ep 02


Watch the 2nd episode of the series that follows the creative process of our 2017′s Creation.

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Video Premiere 2017 – Ep 01


Watch the first episode of the serie that reveals the backstage of our 2017′s creation: The music of Metá Metá.
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Backstage (3)


Soon, on Grupo Corpo’s official Youtube Channel, the new series of videos of our 2017 Creation, with soundtrack from Metá Metá.
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Backstage (2)


#video Promo 02 – Work in progress
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Work in progress


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Suite Branca in NYC


Suite Branca makes its New York premiere at New York City Center’s Fall for Dance Festival.

[September 28-29]
New York City Center – Fall for Dance

choreography: Cassi Abranches
music: Samuel Rosa

Tickets will go on sale on September 10.
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Grupo Corpo on the road. Next stop: Buenos Aires


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Suíte Branca & Dança Sinfônica

June, 10 – 11, 8:30pm, Teatro Coliseo, Buenos Aires.

Tickets here.

Patrocínio: Petrobrás Patrocínio: Lei de Incentivo a Cultura